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It’s easy to get your agency listed in the United Way 2-1-1 database. We are in the process of creating a comprehensive listing of community resources across the Mobile, Washington and Clarke county communities with future service planned for Choctaw and Monroe Counties.

Criteria for Agency Inclusion in the Information and Referral Directory
1. The service must be accessible to the public. Accessibility implies offering services which are free of charge or on a sliding scale fee. This ensures that people who cannot afford private sector services can still obtain competent, quality care.
2. Organizations which provide specific services in health, human services, welfare, support, education or advocacy and:
a) are not-for-profit- corporations (Internal Revenue Service 501(c)3 status)
b) do not charge a fee for their services (i.e. churches, support groups, service clubs, etc.)
c) are government agencies providing health and human services will be included.
3. For-profit agencies are considered on an individual basis. Inclusion is based on uniqueness of service, lack of comparable services from a nonprofit group or agency, perceived degree for the need and level of subsidized services available.
4. United Way 211 reserves the right to edit information to meet format, guideline and space requirement.
5. United Way 211 reserves the right to refuse or discontinue listings.
6. Inclusion of an agency or organization does not imply or represent endorsement by the Family Counseling Center/Lifelines or United Way of Southwest Alabama.
7. Whenever appropriate, agencies should be in compliance with organizational licensure or regulatory authority.

Register online
1. Review the Agency and Program Information Request form.
2. Complete the Agency and Program Information forms online.
Register by mail
1. Review the Agency and Program Information Request form.
2. Print and mail the Agency (PDF) and Program (PDF) Information forms to the address below.

United Way 2-1-1
P.O. Box 91068
Mobile, AL 36691-1068
Fax: 251-431-5117



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